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22 August 2009



Well between you and the movie "The Notebook" I'm a blubbering fool tonight. What a beautiful, heartfelt album Ruthy and I'm sure it tugged at Emily's heartstrings over there in Pommy land. xL


just STUNNING Ruthy - i am sure Em will treasure it and be feeling so blessed to have such an amazing and talented mum as yourself.
take care my friend - hoping the hands aren't giving you too much grief xo


Happy 21st Birthday to your Em Ruthy!! What a precious album for her. It is just beautiful. I just wanted to comment also on little Logan - he has the most beautiful blue eyes and I LOVE the little "tux" he has on, how adorable. Hope you are keeping well and still scrapping ;)

Chrissy Berry

Her 21st albumn is gorgeous Ruthy! Aww, how can she be 21 already??

God's blessings to her always...
Chrissy x

Karen Latham

What a gorgeous gift for Emily, Ruth - one I am sure she will treasure for the rest of her life. What an adventure she is having - I can only begin to imagine how much you must be missing her. What a great photo share too - how cute does Logan look in his tux. God Bless you guys.

Brenton Drennert

that is beautiful ruth, amazing work as always...

Account Deleted

OMG!!!!! Sooo pretty!!! I wish i was your daughter to have such unique gift!!! Just love all your sketches....sooo cute!

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